Practical Biblical Teaching

As a true Christian church we ensure a lifetime of healthy spiritual growth as we dig deep in the word of God at each bible study. As the holy spirit leads the Pastor and education team we educate each person about the importance of maintaining their study of the Word of God. We are a true community Christian church. 
Welcome as a San Francisco Bay Area Christian Church focusing on the FAMILY we offer you positive worship and praise. Our Worship is an electrifying experience that actually reaches the very throne of Glory. We mix traditional and contemporary to help satisfy many cultures that worship with us on any given service. Join us!



Positive Worship & Praise

All of the Medical Team inclusive of Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and assistants are all volunteers that have agreed to donate their time and energies to help others receive the necessary medical treatment they need.  Basically in the Philippines if you do not have insurance or means to pay you are not treated.   Alllove House of Hope  is a Non Profit Corporation registered with the State of California.  All Gifts are Tax Deductible.  We have a rule here 85% of your gift goes toward the medical missions across the globe.  15% is used for administration and travel.

Children Growth

The word of God speaks plainly in Proverbs exhorting us to "train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Children's church at Alllove Faith is a very exciting time indeed.  Children are nurtured in the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and taught the word of God.

Your Gift of any amount will HELP!

On September 30th 2015 over 400 families received much needed medical and dental attention.  These families had no medical insurance or means to pay for services.  Thanks to your support we continue to offer free medical to families in countries like the Philippines.

Child Safe Haven